Goldfarb Centre: Site Research

To better understand the Goldfarb Centre for the Fine Arts, we did a bit of research on the location itself – who it was named after, what classes go on within the building, the designers and architects of the Goldfarb, and other historical and interesting facts that will change our perspective and understanding of the building.

What we found first was a biography of the person this building was named after:

We also found out that the Goldfarb building is part of a greater project called the Accolade Project, which includes all the buildings that house different fine arts degrees such as visual arts, music, drama, design, film and theatre. Below is a few quick facts about the space and sizing of the area:

To understand more about the project, we also looked more into depth about the project overview and vision the artists had in mind when they decided to take on this project. Here is a little blurb about the chain of buildings:

It seems the vision for the design of the building we have chosen to use for our sound and site project goes back quite a few years ago! With this in mind, it’s interesting to see how modern it has become with the kinds of people that fill the building today in comparison to when it was first constructed.

Of course, the design and architecture of the buildings is extremely important. The Accolade Project is quite a big project and I feel that the design of the buildings really make a difference within the York University campus. Rather than constructing a common-looking building, the designers and architects made some great choices in the shape and look of the buildings – from the colours, to the shape of the windows, to minor details on the inside and outside of the buildings.

My group members are:
Amy Yang: BLOG
Justin Zhou: BLOG


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