In-Class Work Period 3: Finalized Idea

After contemplating on all the examples, inspiration, and research material we have accumulated for this project, my group members and I have decided to change up the narrative of our field recording.

Our new plan focuses on interactions between various students at York University. This experimental project will work like this: different students will be given a recorder and told to walk around the interior of the Goldfarb Centre for the Fine Arts. They can walk around in the building however they want – they are leading us and teaching us their method of navigating through the building.

Students will be chosen at different times of day to record their paths to also study the contrast of volume, traffic and movement during the morning, afternoon, and night. Each student will then be given a map of the interior of the building and will be asked to draw the path they took onto the map so that when we listen to the sound recording, we will be able to follow along what location and area they visited.

We hope to choose students from different years of study form different degrees programs. That way, some students may be more familiar with the location, and for others, this recording experiment will be a new experience for them and may even change their perception and method of getting around the Goldfarb building.

Below are several sound clips we got recorded:

My group members are:
Amy Yang: BLOG
Justin Zhou: BLOG


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