In-Class Exercise: Site Exploration on Campus

Today, we were introduced to the new subject matter we will be covering for the rest of the year in this course: sound and site. For our final project, we are to focus on the exploration of sound in various locations and learn to work with recording equipment and how we can manipulate and present sound in non-conventional ways to depict and narrate stories.

After a short tutorial on the sound editing program, Audacity, we were told to walk around the York Keele Campus and search for interesting places, take photographs, and research historical information about the specific locations. From this little journey, my group members and I began to brainstorm a possible narrative for our sound walk project.

My group members are:
Amy Yang: BLOG
Justin Zhou: BLOG

Below is a scan of the ideas we came up with that I wrote on behalf of the team for future reference:

With a time limit of approximately 5 minutes, we hope to explore 3 different locations on campus: the bus loop, Vari Hall, and the basement of Central Square. We wanted to play with sound level contrasts as well. Thus, we chose an outdoor setting (the bus loop), a relatively busy location (Vari Hall), and a quiet and mysterious place not often traveled to (basement of Central Square).  Here are some photographs Amy took while we were looking for ideal sites to focus on for this project (moving from the bus loop, to Vari Hall, to the basement of Central Square):


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