3D Image Projector in Japan

As I was doing research for my Embodiment device, I came across a really neat news article about an actual 3D image projector invented in Japan!

Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology has developed a projector that makes 3D images through laser lights which is shone through a lens at points in space above the actual device. It then uses plasma emissions in the air in order to ‘position itself’ in space and create the illusion that it is floating in mid-air.

This invention was actually built in 2007 but the Japanese companies are still currently working on this project, trying to improve and perfect it. Perhaps in the near future, we really will be able to create holograms of people.

broken city lab: 3D Image Projection

Pink Tentacle: AIST develops 3D Image Projector


~ by omejelee on February 2, 2011.

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