Architectural Mapping

After going through several brainstorming sessions and consultation with my professor, I have decided what my device for our Embodiment project will be.

Nick introduced the class to a new and growingly popular artistic method that uses technology called Architectural Mapping. What this is, is finding the measurements of a building and using those numbers, creating a video that will be projected onto the building. This way, things in the video will fit perfectly onto the building – some are as detailed as playing with projections on specific windows and walls of the building.

Here is a famous Architectural Mapping project done on a church, celebrating its 600 years of existence since its construction:

This technique of creating art is very fascinating and I would really like to incorporate this idea into the function of my object. After more planning and drafting, I will be uploading some scans of my ideas.

In the meantime, here are links to more Architectural Mapping project examples:

Architectural Projecting Mapping: The Future of Motion Graphics

seeper: Architectural Projection Mapping

ObscuraDigital – a collection of works


~ by omejelee on January 31, 2011.

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