Embodiment Artist: Ken Rinaldo

At the beginning of the year, I did post a blog entry introducing an amazing artist, Ken Rinaldo, but I thought I would showcase his work in more detail now that we are the unit of embodiment.

Ken Rinaldo’s process work is exactly the kind that we will be going through. First, he does his research on his idea to understand what features are needed on his device to make it work. A lot of his projects are very technical and detailed so this stage is vital. Next, he begins making his pencil sketches and a few computer-generated models. These sketches and initial models help guide him towards his final product as he knows what the flaws are and what changes he may need to make in order for the final execution of the product to work properly.

Below is an example of this process:

Here is an example of the computer-generated files guiding him to producing the actual machine:

Ken Rinaldo’s works and ideas are very original and fascinating. His background and interest in science really helped him come up with all these unique machines and devices. I really look up to Rinaldo’s works and hope to also be able to create something amazing for this Embodiment Project.

~ by omejelee on January 17, 2011.

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