Assignment 2: My Life as a Procrastinator

Every student has put off their homework till the last minute at least once in their life, I’m sure. It’s not very smart, but we do it nonetheless. I thought it would be interesting to show what pointless things we do when we procrastinate on the computer.

For Assignment 2: Coding and Networks, I have created several webpages that mimic popular existing websites that we often visit when we are bored or just don’t feel like doing homework.

Beginning with the students’ desktop, the users imagine themselves as the procrastinating student and can choose which window to view first in this story. This can be done by clicking on the images of the windows across the desktop, or through the navigation docked at the bottom.

I have recreated a Facebook page, renamed ‘Lazybook’, in which users can view the wall of the procrastinating student (which is actually reflecting themselves as the procrastinator) and see their recent activities, comments, status updates and get a sense of how much of a time-waster they are. As do my other webpages, particular words and phrases are links to external websites related to that keyword, randomly generated by the search engine. Other links connect to my other webpages for the assignment to further narrate the story.

As a parody of Vimeo, I created the webpage called ‘Amusemeo’ in which the student procrastinator spends much of their time on. Really, this webpage is a time-waster full of links to other video and game websites for the most part.

The student procrastinator receives a comment from their friend regarding who to go about finishing their project in time. Their friend suggests they plagiarize through Wikipedia. When users click on the friend’s comment, they will be directed to a the “Wikiplagiarize” page where each button on the page is clickable and links to pages pertaining to languages, articles, and numbers. The searchbar and logos will bring the user into “Wikiplagiarize” where they will be able to see links on the side panel that help student procrastinators with their homework.

When the ‘procrastinator’ wants to quickly download the software Wikiplagiarize offers but when they do so, the link is broken and instead, they are brought to a 404 Error page. This page has rollovers with sarcastic comments as well as links to all the pages I have created for this assignment.

Through this project, I wanted to make a commentary about how much time we actually waste on these social networking websites and video and blog pages. Of course, it’s a great way to keep us entertained. However, with all these distractions being created on the web nowadays, no wonder it’s hard for students to concentrate fully on completing their assignments! The advancing technology in society causes us to multi-task all the time. Although that may be helpful in some aspects, it does not help when it comes to finishing schoolwork.

I hope people will have fun with exploring my mini-narrative web assignment and be more conscious about what activities they do on the Internet for hours rather than getting more important things done.

Click HERE to access the link to my project!


~ by omejelee on November 28, 2010.

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