Assignment 2: Idea Proposal

For our second assignment of the term, we will be focusing on coding and networks. We are to create a website consisting of at least 6 pages which can mimic existing websites or recreate a new internet experience for users. We will need to hyperlink to other websites and/or present visual aspects of other sites in our own design.

Facebook Screenshot

Wikipedia Screenshot

Mediafire Screenshot

Vimeo Screenshot

404 Error Screenshot

My idea is to illustrate the life of a student procrastinator. I am hoping to recreate the Facebook wireframe to display the students’ recent activities and show what they have been doing instead of their school assignment. The occasional rant and complaint about the assignment will be visible on the students’ personal status as well as posts on other friends’ walls. Particular words of interest will link to external websites, while some main keywords pertaining to the story will link to my own created pages. Other websites I want to mimic the layout of include Wikipedia (the students attempts to plagiarize to get the assignment done), Mediafire (attempts to download pirated videos to use for their assignment), the 404 error page (appears when download link does not work to prohibit plagiarism), and perhaps a Vimeo page (showing the student multitasking/procrastinating).

I hope to include a bit of some jQuery coding to add some more interest in the user interaction for my assignment rather than just narrating the story with pure html and css. Below are scans of my sketches and wireframes with some descriptions to help guide me through the creation process:



~ by omejelee on November 22, 2010.

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