Artist: Mark Napier

While doing research for my presentation for this HTML/CSS unit, I stumbled upon a very interesting artist named Mark Napier. He is an artist associated with the movement, which is a movement that focuses on using the Internet as a medium to create different experiences for viewers who visit their works on the web.

Many of Napier’s works involve user participation for the piece to be ‘created’. Thus, in order to see the work to its fullness, the user can make changes and alter the visuals they see on the screen to see a changing composition while enjoying themselves. The above image is a screenshot of one of the works I played around with, entitled “Words”. There are 4 words you can choose from before viewing the piece. Once a word is chosen, you will be given a window with various boxes in it – all of them with moving graphics contained within them. Depending on the 4 words you choose, a signal is sent to an image search engine to generate a picture from the found results into the background of this work. All the boxes on the screen now are movable and resizable so you are free to do whatever you wish to them.

There are a lot of other really intriguing works Napier has created over the years.
I encourage you to check out some of his other works on his website. Have fun!


~ by omejelee on November 7, 2010.

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