Yes Men: Chevron Spoof

In many ways, technology brings people across the world closer together, speeding up the process of globalization. People can communicate with different people from different locations with just one click of the mouse now. This is how many different art ideas and methods are shared among the public as well now. People learn from other artists by first imitating a style and soon after, develop their own style of art that they may call their own. That is usually how all artists start off – they often have their own idols and role models whom they look up to.

I just read an article titled “Chevron Spoofed in a Fantastic Hoax by the Brilliant Yes Men“. This reading talks about how a group named Yes Men mocks a campaign by Chevron through imitating the original Chevron website. Yes Men has taken the ‘We Agree’ campaign Chevron launched in an attempt to inform the public of their efforts to make their services better. However, in the imitation site, Yes Men has taken their original campaign graphics, message ideas, but has altered them to communicate their own opinions and thoughts about the campaign.

Here are two thumbnails you may compare (click to enlarge):


Chevron: Original Webpage

Yes Men: Mirrored Webpage


I find this very amusing, not because they are ridiculing Chevron’s campaign, but the fact that they are able to copy the codes and website layout so accurately. Many web browsers allow people to view the coding of website pages and this is where many people start when they begin learning to create webpages. You take existing code bits and manipulate them, combine them, and make a new complete set of codes that you can call your own.

Many web artists deliberately upload codes for users to learn to code themselves. Some have used existing popular websites’ navigation bar interactions and have shared them over the net with thousands of people. For example, the Vimeo site:

Vimeo: Original Navigation

Vimeo: Copy Navigation

Not just Vimeo, but the Apple Mac docking feature on the desktop:

Mac Dock: Original

Mac Dock: Imitation


The world, I guess you can say, is shrinking, in the sense that people are learning about things around the world so quickly, we feel as though we are more united with everyone on earth. Things such as HTML and coding has done this for us thus far and I feel this is a very amazing thing that has come to be in this world. Who ever thought that humans would be able to create such brilliant technology that would allow us to learn so much about each other and how we do things with such ease? Although doing things over the web is very different from experiencing the situation in person in the actual location, for purposes such as these (art projects, etc.), it is a great start.


~ by omejelee on October 31, 2010.

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