Abstract Sound Manipulation

As I was doing research for my upcoming presentation about HTML and CSS in interactive new media artworks, I stumbled upon this really neat example of an abstract sound file on a website. I guess I am still in the spirit of remixing!

Here, the artist, who goes by the name ‘reaktorplayer’ remixes various electronic sounds such as computer loading noises, static, and vibrations to create a whole new sound piece that is upbeat and quite catchy and enjoyable. This is very interesting as the artist takes what we consider everyday noise and translates it into a style that is similar to modern music we enjoy today. As well, for a visual, he interprets what the composition may look like if we were able to see sound. The vivid geometric shapes floating around in the dark void really opens up our imagination!

Click the thumbnail below to view the video, and enjoy!



~ by omejelee on October 25, 2010.

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