Assignment 1: REMIX

After weeks of studying how to make photo manipulations and video remixes, the first assignment is complete. For my series of two images (done with Photoshop) and video project (done with Final Cut Express) depicts the theme of schizophrenia, a mental illness in which patients often hallucinate, hear voices, and believe their thoughts are being broadcasted to other people’s minds, among other symptoms. This is a serious illness that people often ignore or are too uncomfortable talking about it. I feel this project can help educate people about this issue and teach them that although there are people that suffer from this illness, they are not very different from us. In fact, the subject matter and technique in their art are extremely interesting and detailed. Thus, we should appreciate these people rather than avoiding them – they have hopes and dreams of their own futures, just like us.

To narrate this theme of schizophrenia, I have chosen to order my compositions as an image first to emotional engage the audience, then a video to further explain what goes through schizophrenic patients’ minds, then a final image to both reiterate what this illness consists of, but also demonstrate the aesthetic creativity these patients have by taking similar features from the first two compositions and including common artistic characteristics often portrayed in schizophrenic artists’ works.

This last image also ends the progressive story of schizophrenia on a lighter note, depicting more vibrant colours and less horrific imagery to show that their thoughts are not always negative and terrifying. Although they still see, hear, and think differently from us, they can be very bright thinkers and have extraordinary minds. This can be testified by the artworks of many schizophrenic artists who show much technique and imagination in their compositions.

Below are links to each of my compositions:
1) Photo remix
2) Video remix
3) Photo remix

Thank you for your time, and I hope you all enjoyed my compositions.


All images and videos used in this project were created by other artists. I do not own any of the following works.

Sources cited:
1) Photo remix
> Missing Child Portrait #36 – John Paul Thorton
Abadoned ChildStrong Androgynous Child’s Face Staring – D Sharon Pruitt
> I See the Dead in Your Eyes – Sick Little Monkey
2) Video remix
> Do I Have Schizophrenia? – AnswersTV
> Schizophrenia – Mindyourmind
> Four Stages of Schizophrenia – Fabricemillet
> Satellite Skin – Modest Mouse
> Float On – Modest Mouse
> Clock Ticking Sound Effect – Crankdatbuttcrack
Footsteps and Glass Breaking Sounds –
3) Photo remix
> Missing Child Portrait #29 – John Paul Thorton
> Abadoned ChildStrong Androgynous Child’s Face Staring – D Sharon Pruitt
> Nature’s Foundry – Luke Olsen
> MOMA – Kirstie Shanley

~ by omejelee on October 17, 2010.

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