Nuit Blanche Adventure

This past Saturday, the city of Toronto hosted it’s annual Nuit Blanche event – a giant one-night art exhibition taking place on the streets of downtown Toronto. This event showcases artworks by contemporary artists ranging from visual arts sculpture and painting pieces, to musical pieces involving audience partication, to fascinating multimedia installations.

One particular piece of work that struck my mind that night was one called “Later That Night at the Drive-In”. This multimedia installation was located at Toronto City Hall covering the whole of the skating rink area.

Giant screens and prisms were set up with videos being projected onto them – one projection was even set up to shine into the water of the rink from an overhead arch structure. The videos consisted of various content including abstract blurring motions depicting speed, and alternating quick clips of couples kissing. This installation was compiled by several video artists and to accompany their compositions displayed by bright lights, there musical  performances were as well to really provoke our senses of hearing and sight.

The symphony of lights, images, and sound really blended together to give viewers a new experience in art. I thought it was quite interesting how there were many different angles and ways you could view the films – standing straight up looking at an elevated screen, or down in the water of the skating rink, or, most unique, lying down staring up into a prism with the video projecting in it.

Overall, the atmosphere of this piece of art was very exciting. With loud music blasting from 24 speakers around the area, and 12 different screens of videos to look at, I was very intrigued by effectiveness of the artists’ intents of blurring the boundaries between sound and sight. The size of this installation added to the amazing atmosphere this work produced that night.

Later That Night At The Drive-In, 2010
By: Daniel Lanois
In assocation with: Adam Vollick, Mark Howard, Simon Plashkes, Christ Pemberton, and Margaret Marissen


~ by omejelee on October 4, 2010.

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