Sam Javanrouh

This is an artist I stumbled upon this week. Here’s a little intro about him:

Javanrouh is a photographer from Tehran/Iran who now lives in Toronto. He has set up several accounts where he uploads his photographs, 360 degree panoramic virtual tours, time-lapse videos, and more.

I watched a few of the time-lapse videos he uploaded onto his vimeo account. Time-lapse photography is when an artist strings individual photograph frames together. The complete video plays much faster than the time duration it took to photograph each image. Thus, viewers can experience a scene fast-forwarding in time (lapsing).

Javanrouh also makes 360 degree panoramic virtual tours. I actually learned how to make those this summer with a program that stitches similar points in individual photographs. Once that is processed through, the program combines the pictures together to create one panoramic view. I use a program called PT Gui to do the stitching. When that is done, I put it through a different application called Pure Tools, which takes the panoramic jpeg and pans it so that users are able to see the entire scene rotating.

You can visit his main page that directs you to his different accounts.
Here is a direct link to visit his [daily dose of imagery] photoblog.


~ by omejelee on September 17, 2010.

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