Ken Rinaldo

A few years ago, I was doing my own research on some new media artists and stumbled upon the name Ken Rinaldo.

Ken Rinaldo is an interdisciplinary media artist who has created numerous installations throughout his career. His works reflect his interest in relations between natural living specimens and mandmade technology. By exploration interactions between these two subjects and integrating them with human participation, Rinaldo creates extraordinary pieces that show human connection between pure living elements with our own advanced discoveries. His expertise in these subjects explain why he considers himself both an artist and a scientist.

One piece that was quite striking to me is his Augmented Fish Realty piece:

Augmented Fish Reality; Ken Rinaldo (2004)


Here, Rinaldo has produced an installation in which fish tanks are wired to a mechanical device. Inside the tank is a fish that is able to control the direction in which the device moves. If the fish swims to the right side of the tank, the device will transport itself to the right. In this space, Rinaldo also installed cameras in the tank that projected the environment through the fish’s perspective – how the room looks through the glass of the tank, how humans look, etc.

Humans participate in this installation by simply entering the space. Becasue the fish tend to move towards the humans, we affect the direction the fish decides to travel towards. This type of interaction between humans, living creatures, and mechanics really fascinates me. Rinaldo has given nature the ability to travel in new ways by truly creative methods.

I have always thought about becoming an engineer and practice art with those skills. However, coding has not always been my strongest skill and I know I still have a long way to go in learning about new media. Rinaldo has been a very inspiring artist to me for some years now, so knowing that I will be taught about embodiment in this FACS class got me excited! Just thinking about how us humans have made it so far in regards to the technology we have today is quite amazing. I hope to one day be able to create projects that speak out for themselves and really make people think for all to enjoy and appreciate – one such like Rinaldo’s fish installation.


Ken Rinaldo’s official webpage:
Rinaldo’s background information:
Video link of the Augmented Fish Reality installation:


~ by omejelee on September 15, 2010.

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