Exercise 1: Photoshop Fun

Today was the first day of class in which we learned to use the Photoshop application.
Our first in-class exercise was to combine three different images to recreate a new composition.

Below is my own creation:

September 13, in-class exercise

Using the various tools and techniques such as the lasso tool, paint tool, pen tool, dodger, burner, saturation and hue adjuster, filters, and other useful functions.

The composition I have created depicts a very unusual scene, comprised of a giant frog on a Japanese temple with icicles dangling from the roof. This image may seem strange, but I think it really represents me in terms of my interests and personality. I have always been interested in the Japanese culture – from the language and traditions, to the modern fashion and art styles today. When I first found the image of the temple, I thought it had a great atmosphere to it and captures the essence of Japanese culture. The frog on the roof symbolizes my love for the great outdoors. I am quite active and am always up for an adventure. I used icicles to portray the season of winter, my favourite season out of the four.

Mixed in all together, this image probably does not make any sense – and that’s the kind of art I like. I enjoy art that makes viewers stop to think and try to make sense out of it, appreciating the finer details within the piece, and gets the viewers trying to understand the artists’ feelings and thought process behind it.

Below are the links to the original photo sources:



~ by omejelee on September 14, 2010.

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